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Tamil Mandram @ IITK


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The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Tamil Mandram is a service organization to unite all the students/ members who are interested in Tamil Language and Culture. The Mandram was formed to provide for social, cultural, educational, spiritual, philosophical & religious activities for the Tamil Community in and arround IIT Kanpur campus. The Tamil Mandram membership is open to any student, faculty and staff belonging to IIT K and Tamils living arround IIT Kanpur.


Who are we?

The Tamil Mandram at IIT Kanpur is a cultural organization; we are non-political and not-for-profit.

What are our goals?

Our goal is to nurture the tradition of Tamil and Tamilnadu and promote Tamil culture.

What do we do?

We conduct cultural functions such as: Diwali, Pongal Function, Tamil New Year, annual picnic, musical night. We maintain a Tamil circulation library for the benefit of our members. We publish a Tamil yearly magazine 'Thendral' for nurturing the talents of our members in Tamil literature and arts

Who runs the Mandram?

The Tamil Mandram is run by the executive committee; the committee members are either elected or appointed by the elected President. Countless volunteers help us in organizing the functions and other activities.

How much is the membership?


Faculty member Rs. 300 per year; Staff Rs. 200 per year; Students (PG) Rs 200 per year; Students (UG) Rs 150 per year.

Whom to Contact?

To become a member contact the secretary.

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